SDSN Youth Black Sea’s Workshop at the Initiatives Fair of the Thessaloniki ’21 – 42nd National Selection Conference of EYP Greece

Initiatives Fair of the Thessaloniki '21 - 42nd National Selection Conference of EYP Greece

On Sunday, December 19, 2021, we had the honor to discuss sustainable development with high school students, during the Thessaloniki ’21 – 42nd National Selection Conference of European Youth Parliament Greece – Ευρωπαϊκό Κοινοβούλιο Νέων Ελλάδος.

During the workshop, our Youth Network Coordinator, Mrs. Evangelia SAVVIDOU was pleased to introduce the students to the concept of sustainable development and SDGs and to discuss their concerns, thoughts, ideas and ways to take action.

It is very promising to see that the new generation – the leaders of tomorrow – are interested in such important issues, actively contribute to the identification of challenges and opportunities in their communities, have structured thinking, have concerns and innovative ideas, and are eager to take action and bring positive changes in the society.

If you are a student and want to take action, you can start by:
• Learning more about the Goals. You can start from here: or here:
• Figuring out the SDG you are more inclined to work towards its achievement. An interesting quiz we can take is:
• Talking to your friends, family, peers and inviting them to learn more about sustainable development and adopt a better way of living.
• Raising your voice through your social media.
• Getting educated on topics related to sustainable development. You can find a variety of courses on the SDG Academy:
• Advocating in your school to join the Global Schools Network by signing the pledge:
• Advocating for your teachers to incorporate short lessons and/or discussions about SDGs related topics in the curriculum. 60 lesson plans, published in 9 different languages, are already available:

A collection of SDG board games ( and Comics ( are waiting for you to explore them.

We would like to thank the students that joined the workshops and actively contributed to the discussions sharing their interesting and thoughtful points of views. We would also like to thank the organizers of Thessaloniki ’21 – 42nd National Selection Conference of EYP Greece for supporting our goal and inviting us to the Initiatives Fair.

Only positive outcomes can be brought by giving the floor to young people/students to present their thoughts and ideas, and as a network, we commit to enhancing the voices of youth!

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