Below you may find a few selected publications regarding the actions of SDSN Black Sea in particular and sustainability in general.

If you have any paper/research related and you wish to be included in the following list, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at info-sdsn-blacksea[at] with the subject: “PUBLICATIONS”.

  • “Six Transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”, Sachs J.D., Schmidt-Traub G., Mazzucato M., Messner D., Nakicenovic N., Rockström J., Nature Sustainability, 2019 – Available here 
  • “The Role of Sustainable Development Solutions Networks (SDSN) in the Protection of the Environment. SDSN Black Sea”, Theodossiou N.P., Stavridis Ch., Fotopoulou E. and Struber D., “Protection and Restoration of the Environment XV” Conference Proceedings, Patras, Greece, 2020 – Available here.
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