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The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – A.U.Th. (, founded in 1925, draws its inspiration from the ideas of Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle, who established the concepts of nature, learning, and practice, as the fundamentals of education.  Upon entering the campus, the visitor is greeted by the statue of Aristotle, a constant reminder of his philosophical beliefs, underlining that our future intimately depends on the goals we set.

The goals of academic freedom, service to community, and, above all, the relentless pursuit of knowledge motivated the foundation of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and, since then, excellence in scientific research has guided the University’s mission over almost a century.

Currently, a number of domestic initiatives support scientific and technological innovation and a significant number of cross-national synergies emphasize on academic collaboration, along with sustainable and inclusive growth.

A.U.Th. is the largest public University in Greece and one of the largest in South Eastern Europe, with around 83.000 students and more than 2.000 academic staff. It comprises 42 schools covering all scientific fields. According to International University Rankings (QS, Times, ARWU), A.U.Th. steadily reserves one of the two top places among Universities in Greece depending on the scientific field. It is also ranked exceptionally high on a worldwide scale as it occupies the 16th place in the Classics & Ancient History field (QS-2018), and it is included among the top 1,3% of the Universities (compared to 20.000 universities, Times-2018).

Concerning international relations and European educational programs, A.U.Th. is a member of different networks. It has currently signed 172 active Inter-University agreements with Universities all over Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. Bilateral agreements with more than 600 European Universities reinforce the international perspective and position of the University. In the University there are also 2 active UNESCO Chairs.

Moreover, A.U.Th. participates as member in 65 international educational organizations, Associations and University Networks and in 16 student organizations, aimed at international cooperation of the academic community to promote and develop academic and research activity.

The general Research Performance in A.U.Th. reveal the active participation in 48 Research Networks, implements more than 1.400 national, European and international research projects per year and cooperates closely with many universities, research institutions and enterprises in Greece and abroad. Over 1.000 teaching and research staff members are active, working all over Europe.

The current active participation of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki to the Sustainable Development Solutions Network will serve as a guide for a successful management of the new regional chapter for the Black Sea region.

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