Our Vision

The vision of SDSN Black Sea is to unite the people of the wider area under one goal, that of sustainable development. People coming from different countries, using different languages, with different background, different social, cultural and historical status, different traditions and habits, different religion, even people coming from countries that are in direct or indirect confrontation, to join their forces and work together for the improvement of their lives and for ensuring a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future.

To achieve this goal people, governments, businesses and entrepreneurs will have to find common ground for collaboration, participation and implementation of the sustainable development goals.

The main task of the SDSN Black Sea is to bring together all those involved and to coordinate their actions, thus facilitating the achievement of the SDGs.

The participation of a large number of Universities with very diverse background and disciplines, coming from different countries around the Black Sea, ensures a very important input flow in regard to the problems of the area related to the SDGs. As a matter of fact, gathering, evaluating, organizing and homogenizing the experience coming from research and innovation activities as well as from relevant educational programs, will be one of the first and most important tasks of the new network.

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