Energy Transition: A pathway to the future

Youth Event "Energy Transition: A pathway to the future"

The Youth Event “Energy Transition: A pathway to the future” is a joint initiative of the youth-focused organizations U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Youth Network – Black Sea (SDSN Youth Black Sea), YES-Europe Greece (Young leaders in Energy and Sustainability), and NGO Move It.

The event took place between Friday, October 1st, 2021, and Sunday, October 3rd, 2021.  

The goal of the event was to inform and raise awareness among young people (aged between 18 to 30 years old) about energy and energy transition, the connection between energy and sustainable development, environment and climate change and the Greek and European policies and institutions active in the energy sector.

The event brought together 13 prominent professors and experts and 30 young people to discuss energy transition and sustainable development in Greece.

Through the event, participants: 

  • understood the concept of sustainable development, energy and energy transition.
  • understood the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and especially the Sustainable Development Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
  • got informed about the Greek and European energy and environmental policy.
  • understood the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on energy and its importance for a green recovery from the pandemic.
  • identified, through interactive activities, their contribution to climate change and their role in promoting sustainable development.
  • learned good practices of youth organizations working in the field of energy and sustainable development and how they can become part of the efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda.
  • got in touch with specialized scientists and professionals in the field and with other young people with similar interests and concerns.

The event included speeches, interactive activities and a round table discussion.

After the welcome session, our event started with a short quiz to get the participants introduced to the topics that would be discussed in the event. 

Then Mr. George SKEVIS, through his speech “Sustainable Energy Basics: Science for Policymakers” introduced us to the broad thematic of energy and provided us with useful information for further research and thought. 

In the following speech “Sustainable Development, Energy and Environmental Protection”, Mr. Nikolaos THEODOSIOU raised important and interesting points about the SDGs, the SDG 7: Clean and Affordable Energy, the progress that has been made in the world and made some very insightful comments. 

Mr. Gerasimos RODOTHEATOS held the first speech of the 2nd day of our event, through which he introduced the topic “Energy Transition” and raised awareness about the concept of climate crisis – climate change. 

Then, Mr. Ioannis TSIPOURIDIS talked about the current challenges in energy transition in the EU and the world and provided a pathway for innovations. 

The following speech was by Mrs. Iliana PAPACHARALAMPOUS who informed us about the institutional framework in the EU and the climate law.

Next, we had Mrs. Elena ZAFEIRATOU who talked about the energy transition in Greece and the evolution of Renewable Energy Resources in Greece and provided us with insights from the energy market. 

The first session of the day was concluded with a very interesting and thought provoking speech by Mr. Stavros MAVROGENIS about the Fair Energy Transition and Decarbonization in Greece. 

Our next speaker, Mr. Theodoros ZACHARIADIS talked about the role of Energy Transition in the Green Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the roundtable discussion about the role of youth, we had the honour to have with us the vice president of EYEN (European Youth Energy Network), Mr. Miguel MOSCA, who talked about the role of youth in energy transition. 

During the roundtable discussion, we had also the honour to have with us two representatives of the Global Schools Program, an initiative of SDSN. Mrs. Raquel ARMENDARIZ and Mr. Emmanuel Michael EMECHETE provided their points of view about the importance of Education for Sustainable Development and STEM education to K-12 students. 

The last speech of the day was about the usage of digital tools for the optimization of the Energy Systems and the achievement of the energy transition, by Mr. George PELTEKIS

The 2nd day of the event ended with an interactive activity about the ecological and energy footprint, facilitated by Mrs. Evangelia SAVVIDOU, SDSN Youth Black Sea’s Coordinator and Mr. Charis STAVRIDIS, SDSN Black Sea’s Manager. During the activity, the participants explored the aforementioned concepts, learned about the Earth Overshoot Day, and the status of SDG 7 in Greece and the Mediterranean region. They calculated their footprint, shared their thoughts and views, and explored ways to reduce their footprint. 

The 3rd and last day of the event started with a very interesting, insightful and comprehensive speech by Mrs. Phoebe KOUNDOURI about the energy transition in the EU and the world and all the measures that have been taken towards this pathway, especially since 2015. 

Last but not least, participants were asked to represent different stakeholders and decide about the energy future and the decarbonization of “Energyland” during a 2-hour interactive activity, facilitated by Mrs. Evi MAKRI, Coordinator of YES-Europe Greece, and Mrs. Alkistis GIOGIOU, Coordinator of Move It NGO. 

Our warmest THANK YOU to the speakers for kindly accepting our invitation and all the participants, who contributed to the successful realization of the event!! 

The recording of the event will be available soon.

The speakers’ presentations are available trhough the following links.
> Sustainable Energy Basics: Science for Policymakers, Mr. George Skevis
> Sustainable Development, Energy and Environmental Protection, Mr. Nikolaos Theodosiou
> Energy Transition in EU – Innovations and Challenges, Mr. Ioannis Tsipouridis
> Energy Transition in EU – Institutional framework, Mrs. Iliana Papacharalampous
> Energy Transition in Greece – The Evolution of Renewable Energy Sources in Greece, Mrs. Elena Zafeiratou
> Energy Transition in Greece – Fair Transition and Decarbonization, Mr. Stavros Mavrogenis
> Green Recovery from COVID-19 Pandemic & Energy Transition, Mr. Theodoros Zachariadis
> The role of youth in Energy Transition, Mr. Miguel Mósca
> Education for Sustainable Development, Mrs. Raquel Armendariz & Mr. Emmanuel Michael Emechete
> Using digital tools for the optimization the Energy System and the achievement of Energy Transition, Mr. George Peltekis
> Interactive Activity: Energy Footprint, Mrs. Evangelia Savvidou & Mr. Charis Stavridis

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Information about the co-organizers

YES-Europe Greece as part of YES-Europe (Young leaders in Energy and Sustainability), belongs to a community of young scientists, coming from various fields and countries, with the vision of a world where energy is more sustainable, accessible and secure for all. YES-Europe, with over 100 members in more than 10 European countries, is implementing projects in order to inform young people on issues related to energy policy; to create a network among them; and to encourage their own participation in the process of energy transition. YES-Europe attracts interest through the numerous international or regional events that it organizes, while in principle it aims to strengthen the role of young people, within the framework that governs the energy transition in total. Find out more at   

MoveIT is a non-profit civil partnership aiming to raise awareness of young people and other citizens in developing activities related to modern societies, focusing on humans, sciences and the environment and driven by the fundamental human values, solidarity, respect, collective effort, as well as by our strong belief in the power of creativity and entrepreneurship. Our greatest motivation is no other than our valuable partners and volunteers in Greece and abroad, who support MoveIT’s activities on a national and international level, aiming at changing society and creating a brighter future for everyone. MoveIT is ready to bring positive changes by overcoming the dry formal educational methods, adding some vividness and interaction to its activities through unconventional education and communication mechanisms. Find out more at

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