SDSN Black Sea

SDSN Black Sea bases its foundations on the existing SDS Networks and the Black Sea Universities Network-BSUN. All three national SDSN (Russia, Greece and Turkey) and the regional one (SDSN Mediterranean) will be asked to participate in the new regional chapter. Representatives of the 12 member countries of BSUN will also be asked to participate thus enhancing the ability of expanding the activities of SDSN Black Sea to these countries as well.

During the Conference of the Rectors of the BSUN held in Thessaloniki on June 19th, 2018, it was decided to pursuit the development of a regional SDSN for the area of the Black Sea. All the universities who were represented at the Conference of the Rectors along with the other universities of the BSUN who were not present at this conference will be asked to participate and will form the original structure of the new regional chapter.

Other universities and stakeholders either from the BSUN countries or even countries of the wider Black Sea region not yet represented in the BSUN will also be asked to participate in the SDSN Black Sea establishing in this way a solid and as wide as possible network.

The SDSN Black Sea will base its structure and foundations on the existing networks and especially that of BSUN due to its international character, but only for administrative purposes. SDSN Black Sea will expand its activities in providing proposals and solutions for all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and not only for those related to educational issues, as BSUN does.

The wider area of the Black Sea presents serious and challenging issues related to almost all the Sustainable Development Goals, poverty, hunger, health, education, equality, clean water and clean energy, work, industry and innovation, sustainable cities, consumption and production, climate change impacts and the need for adaptation measures, life below water for the Black Sea itself, land use and peace and justice.

Our, ambitious, vision for SDSN Black Sea is to motivate universities and research centers to get involved and to cooperate for the common benefit of the residents of the countries around the Black Sea.